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Gilmanton Youth Organization

What is GYO?
In 1990, the Gilmanton Youth Organization (GYO) was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization. The governing body consists of a Board of Directors serving staggered terms of one to three years. Four of the directors hold the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.The GYO is a separate entity from the Gilmanton Parks and Recreation Commission and the Gilmanton School, although their facilities are used for various GYO activities and sports programs.

Our Mission and Goals
The Gilmanton Youth Organization is operated for the express purpose of organizing and administering various sports programs for the school aged children of the Town of Gilmanton.The goals of GYO are to:
  • Promote sportsmanship
  • Develop good character and citizenship in our youth
  • Develop the athletic ability of our youth
Membership is open to residents of Gilmanton. Before participating in a GYO sports program, the child’s parent or guardian must fill out and sign a registration form. Children will be placed on a team on a first come-first served basis, dependent upon the number of participants and the availability of coaches.

A portion of the fees collected will be used to purchase group health insurance for each participant, including coaches and support staff. The remaining revenue will be used for equipment, uniforms and improvements in the GYO. This revenue will be administered by the Board of Directors as per the By-Laws.

Parents are the GYO
  • Strong parental involvement is essential to the continued success of the GYO.
  • Parents are encouraged to come forward with any suggestions they have for improving the sports programs.
  • Any parent who volunteers to coach a team may have the registration fee waived.
  • The Board of Directors appoints coaches.
  • They will serve under a written agreement that will be consistent with the philosophy and Mission Statement of the GYO.
Where is the GYO heading?
Currently, we are in the process of building a sport facility on Allens Mill Road. There is approximately 20 acres cleared for the development of sports fields. This will be a multi-use park that we hope will facilitate adult activities as well as children.

What does the GYO need?
  • You
  • Any and all ideas for improving and developing GYO and the new park
  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches for all sports
  • Volunteers to run the new concession stand
  • Sponsorship
  • Sports coordinators for Soccer, Basketball and Baseball/Softball
For more details on GYO and the sports it sponsors, visit their website at